‘The Goes Wrong Show,’ 2019

Hilarious Mayhem and Brilliant Comedy Disasters

by ChatGPT

‘Anything you can act, I can act louder.’


The Goes Wrong Show” is a British comedy series that first premiered in 2019. Created by the Mischief Theatre Company, the show follows the fictional Cornley Drama Society as they attempt to put on various theatrical productions. However, as the title suggests, everything that can go wrong does go wrong, leading to uproarious and side-splitting disasters. With its ingenious blend of slapstick, farce, and meta-comedy, “The Goes Wrong Show” delivers non-stop hilarity that leaves audiences in stitches.

Ineptitude at Its Finest:

“The Goes Wrong Show” excels in crafting scenarios of sheer ineptitude, where even the simplest of tasks become laugh-out-loud calamities. From malfunctioning props to missed cues and flubbed lines, the show thrives on its characters’ complete lack of theatrical prowess. The actors’ commitment to their roles and their ability to improvise in the face of unforeseen mishaps add to the humor and elevate the comedic mayhem.

Meta-Comedy and Self-Awareness:

One of the show’s unique strengths is its meta-comedy and self-awareness. As the Cornley Drama Society struggles with their productions, they directly interact with the audience, acknowledging their mistakes, and offering hilarious explanations for the chaos unfolding on stage. This self-awareness creates a delightful and immersive viewing experience, where viewers become complicit in the comedic disasters.

Versatility in Production Themes:

“The Goes Wrong Show” showcases its versatility by featuring a wide array of theatrical productions, each with its own theme and genre. From a murder mystery in “The Pilot” to a Christmas-themed production in “The Nativity,” the series keeps its comedy fresh and engaging. The cast seamlessly adapts to the various roles and genres, displaying their comedic range and ability to deliver laughs in any scenario.

The Brilliant Ensemble Cast:

The ensemble cast of “The Goes Wrong Show” is an exceptional blend of comedic talent. Led by Henry Lewis, Henry Shields, and Jonathan Sayer, who are also members of the Mischief Theatre Company, the actors demonstrate impeccable comedic timing and chemistry on screen. Each cast member embodies their characters with flair and enthusiasm, contributing to the show’s comedic brilliance.

Inventive Use of Physical Comedy:

Physical comedy takes center stage in “The Goes Wrong Show,” and it is executed with precision and creativity. From pratfalls and slapstick to intricate set mishaps, the physical humor is a standout aspect of the show. The cast’s ability to maneuver through mishaps while maintaining their comic timing adds to the hilarity of each scene.

Broad Appeal:

“The Goes Wrong Show” appeals to a broad audience, transcending cultural boundaries and bringing laughter to viewers of all ages. Its universal humor, rooted in the timeless traditions of farce and slapstick, ensures that the show is accessible to a diverse global audience.

Stellar Production Design:

The series’ production design is a testament to its attention to detail and commitment to realism. The intentionally shoddy sets and malfunctioning props add to the authenticity of the Cornley Drama Society’s comedic mishaps. The meticulously crafted mishaps become as much a character in the show as the actors themselves, enhancing the overall comedy.


“The Goes Wrong Show” is a gem of comedic brilliance that showcases the Mischief Theatre Company’s exceptional talent. Its ingenious blend of slapstick, meta-comedy, and self-awareness creates a hilarious and immersive viewing experience. The brilliant ensemble cast’s commitment to their inept characters, along with inventive physical comedy and versatile production themes, makes “The Goes Wrong Show” a laugh-out-loud riot from start to finish. It is a show that celebrates the joy of laughter and the beauty of comedic disasters, ensuring that its comedic brilliance will be cherished by audiences for years to come.