Looking for Devo-tion?

Starlee Kine, we need you.

‘Woman Needed for Dating Me’

Once upon a time there was a podcast… a podcast searching out answers to the unanswerable. No, it did not go looking for the truth about an alien autopsy video, the Chupacabra, or how Indiana Jones got that scar on his chin. Instead, it took the unusual occurrences many of us encounter in the course of living and sought to answer the whys and wherefores. Successfully, as I remember it.

While walking around the East side of Toronto the other day, I came upon this handmade poster. Gotta say I’m curious about the story here. Not in a glib or snarky way, but in earnest. Who is this Maurizio?

Cancelled after only one short season, Mystery Show, hosted by Starlee Kine (Dave, Search Party), was an especially unusual piece of entertainment. Go ahead and find it on Spotify, or in your podcast app. You’ll thank me.