‘Kajillionaire,’ 2021

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“Kajillionaire” (2020)

A Quirky and Poignant Exploration of Family and Identity”

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“Kajillionaire,” directed by Miranda July, is a quirky and thought-provoking drama that premiered in 2020. The film centers on a dysfunctional family of small-time con artists: Theresa (Debra Winger), Robert (Richard Jenkins), and their daughter Old Dolio (Evan Rachel Wood). Living a nomadic and unorthodox lifestyle, the trio engages in petty scams and heists to make ends meet. When an unexpected opportunity arises, Old Dolio finds herself questioning her identity and familial bonds, leading to a poignant and transformative journey of self-discovery.

Evan Rachel Wood’s Captivating Performance:

Evan Rachel Wood’s portrayal of Old Dolio is nothing short of captivating. She embodies the character’s idiosyncrasies and social awkwardness with depth and vulnerability. Wood’s nuanced performance showcases Old Dolio’s yearning for connection and her gradual emergence from the emotional confines of her dysfunctional upbringing. The character’s transformation becomes the emotional anchor of the film, elevating “Kajillionaire” beyond its quirky exterior.

Nuanced Exploration of Family Dynamics:

At its core, “Kajillionaire” delves into the complexities of family dynamics. The film explores the consequences of neglect and emotional detachment within the family unit. As Old Dolio navigates her way through a world of scams and deception, she yearns for affection and love from her parents, leading to a poignant examination of parental relationships and the universal desire for validation.

Unique and Surreal Aesthetic:

Miranda July’s directorial vision shines through in the film’s unique and surreal aesthetic. The movie’s eccentric visual style, complemented by imaginative set designs and whimsical cinematography, enhances the storytelling. The world of “Kajillionaire” is a surreal dreamscape that mirrors the characters’ emotional states, drawing viewers into the offbeat and magical world that Old Dolio inhabits.

Witty and Poignant Script:

The film’s witty and poignant script, penned by Miranda July, delivers memorable dialogue and thought-provoking moments. The script finds humor in the absurdity of the family’s cons and interactions while deftly tackling deeper themes of love, identity, and belonging. The film’s charm lies in its ability to balance humor with poignant reflections on the human experience.

Supporting Cast and Character Dynamics:

Debra Winger and Richard Jenkins deliver compelling performances as Theresa and Robert, the eccentric parents of Old Dolio. Their chemistry with Evan Rachel Wood brings authenticity to the portrayal of their unconventional family dynamic. Gina Rodriguez also shines in her role as Melanie, an outsider drawn into the family’s world, adding complexity and emotional depth to the narrative.

A Subtle Exploration of Identity:

Beneath the film’s comedic surface lies a subtle and profound exploration of identity. As Old Dolio navigates a world of deceit and disillusionment, she confronts her own desires and emotions, prompting questions about her true self and place in the world. The film’s thematic depth adds a layer of introspection that lingers long after the credits roll.

Emotional Resonance:

Despite its eccentricities, “Kajillionaire” ultimately delivers an emotionally resonant and authentic story of self-discovery and human connection. The film’s emotional impact lies in its ability to evoke empathy for characters who are flawed yet relatable. The audience is drawn into Old Dolio’s journey of growth and transformation, making her quest for love and belonging deeply affecting.


“Kajillionaire” is a unique and compelling drama that stands out for its quirkiness and emotional depth. Evan Rachel Wood’s standout performance as Old Dolio anchors the film, with its nuanced portrayal of familial bonds and self-discovery. Miranda July’s direction and script create a surreal and thought-provoking experience that seamlessly blends humor and pathos. As the film explores themes of family, identity, and human connection, it leaves a lasting impression on viewers, inviting them to ponder the complexities of the human experience. “Kajillionaire” is an original and heartfelt exploration of family dynamics, resonating with audiences through its whimsical charm and poignant storytelling.