‘It Follows,’ 2014

“It Follows: A Haunting and Unsettling Horror Gem”

by ChatGPT

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“It Follows” is a 2014 supernatural horror film written and directed by David Robert Mitchell. With its unique blend of psychological terror, atmospheric cinematography, and a hauntingly atmospheric score, the film stands out as a standout entry in the horror genre. Delving into themes of sexuality, paranoia, and the inevitability of death, “It Follows” offers a chilling and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

Unsettling Atmosphere and Cinematography:

From the film’s opening shot, “It Follows” establishes a distinct and unsettling atmosphere. The cinematography, expertly executed by Mike Gioulakis, creates a sense of unease and tension through carefully composed frames and lingering shots. The use of wide angles and slow tracking shots adds to the film’s creeping sense of dread, immersing viewers in a world where danger lurks around every corner.

Innovative Concept and Metaphorical Depth:

At its core, “It Follows” introduces a unique and innovative concept—a supernatural entity that relentlessly pursues its victims until it is passed on through sexual contact. This concept serves as a metaphor for the consequences and anxieties surrounding sexual encounters, exploring themes of guilt, responsibility, and the haunting nature of past actions. The film cleverly intertwines horror with societal commentary, creating a rich and layered narrative that lingers long after the credits roll.

A Stellar Performance by Maika Monroe:

Maika Monroe delivers a standout performance as Jay Height, the film’s protagonist. Her portrayal captures Jay’s vulnerability, fear, and determination as she grapples with the horrors unfolding around her. Monroe’s nuanced performance adds depth and relatability to the character, making the audience genuinely invested in her plight.

Minimalist and Haunting Score:

The atmospheric score by Disasterpeace (Rich Vreeland) enhances the film’s eerie ambiance and heightens the sense of dread. The minimalist electronic compositions contribute to the film’s unsettling atmosphere, evoking a feeling of impending doom. The score’s repetitive patterns and haunting melodies create a sense of unease that becomes an integral part of the viewing experience.

Subverting Horror Tropes:

“It Follows” stands out for its ability to subvert traditional horror tropes and expectations. The film builds suspense through tension and psychological unease rather than relying on jump scares or excessive gore. It plays with audience expectations, toying with notions of safety and establishing a sense of dread that permeates every frame.

Visual Storytelling and Symbolism:

Mitchell’s visual storytelling prowess is evident throughout the film. Each shot is meticulously crafted to convey meaning and symbolism, allowing the audience to piece together the story and its underlying themes. The use of empty suburban landscapes, abandoned buildings, and dilapidated swimming pools adds to the film’s haunting atmosphere while symbolizing the characters’ isolation and vulnerability.


“It Follows” is a haunting and unnerving horror film that transcends the genre’s conventions. With its atmospheric cinematography, innovative concept, and thought-provoking themes, the film stands as a testament to David Robert Mitchell’s skill as a filmmaker. Maika Monroe’s standout performance, coupled with the minimalist score and meticulous visual storytelling, creates an immersive and deeply unsettling cinematic experience. “It Follows” lingers in the mind, inviting audiences to contemplate its metaphors and deeper meanings long after the final scene fades to black.