‘Hologram,’ 2018

by Bard

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The song “Hologram” is a powerful and disturbing exploration of the dark side of fame. It is sung by Celeste, a young pop star who rose to fame after singing at a school shooting memorial service. The song’s lyrics reflect Celeste’s own trauma and pain, as well as the ways in which she has been exploited by the music industry.

The song begins with a simple piano melody, which is soon joined by Celeste’s voice. Her voice is soft and vulnerable at first, but it gradually grows stronger and more confident. As she sings, she begins to recount the events of the school shooting, and the pain and guilt that she feels.

The song’s lyrics are full of imagery that suggests the emptiness and artificiality of fame. Celeste sings about being a “hologram”, a “smoke and mirrors” illusion. She also compares herself to a “machine”, a “product”, and a “puppet”. These images suggest that Celeste feels like she is not in control of her own life, and that she is being used and manipulated by others.

The song’s production is also very effective in creating a sense of unease and discomfort. The music is sparse and repetitive, and the vocals are often distorted. This creates a feeling of claustrophobia and isolation, which reflects Celeste’s own emotional state.

“Hologram” is a powerful and disturbing song that provides a glimpse into the dark side of fame. It is a song that will stay with you long after you have heard it.

In addition to the lyrics and production, the song’s music video also contributes to its overall message. The video features Celeste performing the song in a dark and empty room. She is surrounded by mirrors, which reflect her image over and over again. This creates a sense of disorientation and fragmentation, which mirrors the emotional state of the song’s protagonist.

The song “Hologram” is a complex and challenging work of art. It is a song that will make you think about the dark side of fame and the ways in which our culture commodifies and exploits people. It is a song that will stay with you long after you have heard it.