GoFundMe News

New Campaign.

I’ve started a new GoFundMe. Find it here. The target amount is set at $10,000.

Why reset a fundraiser?

My original GoFundMe campaign was in operation for two years. It stalled at just over $3000. All of those donations have been spent. By starting a fresh campaign, I’m presenting the reality of my financial needs and goals — I am at zero. Housing is my only way forward, and financial support is needed to accomplish that goal.

Where did the money go?

Most donations arrived during the height of the pandemic and were spent on survival during that time. Food, clothing, outerwear, hygiene products. And yes, sometimes, vodka. The increased daily costs of living were slight, but they added up.

Today, my cost of living is significantly higher than what it was during the pandemic, though my income has not increased. I’ve been exploring new ways to generate the money I need to find housing, including work that fits with the conditions of my homelessness.

My search for work is focused on remote, online tasks. It’s been rough going. The other day I spent two hours tagging images for machine learning and earned $0.34. Best case scenario, that kind of income will provide some additional help while I focus on other opportunities, including some items I’ll post about by end of week.

What about the original fundraiser?

I plan to close the original campaign page as I ramp up the effort to bring in donations and drive traffic to the blog. There are some new and interesting things coming, so please do visit the site again soon!

New GoFundMe link.