Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an ‘Affiliate Program?’
  • Why are you doing this?
  • Do you see my personal details?
  • How much do you earn?
  • How much have you made?

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a way for companies to reward people for sending customers their way. Basically, if you promote a company’s product or service and someone buys it through your referral link, you get a commission or some form of reward from the company. It’s like being a salesperson for the company, but working on your own terms.

Why are you doing this?

I’m raising funds to get back into housing. By clicking a link on my site before you shop, you help me earn a commission at no extra cost to you. It’s a simple way to support my goal.

Do You See My Personal Details?

No, I don’t see your personal details like your address or credit card information. All I can see is what has been purchased, how much it cost, and the percentage I’ve earned in commission. Your personal information remains private and secure.

How much do you earn?

I earn approximately 4% of a sale. So, the more you buy after clicking a link from my site, the more I earn. It’s a percentage-based system, so my earnings depend on the total amount you spend.

How much have you made?

As of now, I’ve made less than $2. I need to reach $100 to get paid, and I also have to hit a minimum number of sales in six months, or I lose my affiliate status.