‘Brave New World,’ 2020

A Visually Stunning Adaptation with Missed Potential

by ChatGPT

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Brave New World,” based on Aldous Huxley’s iconic dystopian novel of the same name, premiered on the NBCUniversal streaming service Peacock in 2020. The series, set in a futuristic utopia known as New London, explores a world where freedom, monogamy, and individuality have been sacrificed for a seemingly perfect society. With its stunning visual aesthetics and a talented cast led by Alden Ehrenreich, Jessica Brown Findlay, and Harry Lloyd, “Brave New World” has the potential to be a thought-provoking and relevant adaptation. However, despite its promising start, the series struggles to fully realize its profound themes and ultimately falls short of the novel’s original impact.

Visually Captivating:

From the outset, “Brave New World” captivates viewers with its visually stunning and sleek production design. The futuristic setting of New London, with its bright colors, sleek architecture, and advanced technology, creates an alluring and immersive world. The show’s visual style effectively portrays the contrast between the utopian facade and the dark underbelly of the society it presents.

Strong Performances:

The series benefits from strong performances by its cast. Alden Ehrenreich impresses as John the Savage, a man from the “Savage Lands” who disrupts the tranquility of New London with his outsider perspective. Jessica Brown Findlay delivers a standout performance as Lenina Crowne, portraying her as a curious and rebellious character who starts questioning the principles of her society. Harry Lloyd’s portrayal of Bernard Marx, an Alpha Plus who feels like an outsider despite his privileged status, adds depth and complexity to the character.

Exploration of Relevant Themes:

At its core, “Brave New World” grapples with timeless and relevant themes such as individuality, freedom, and the trade-offs of a utopian society. The series raises thought-provoking questions about the cost of sacrificing personal liberties for societal stability and control. It challenges viewers to contemplate the impact of a world driven by consumerism, instant gratification, and the suppression of authentic emotions.

Missed Potential and Lack of Depth:

While “Brave New World” presents promising themes, the series struggles to delve into them with the depth and nuance required to make a lasting impact. The exploration of the characters’ emotional struggles and the implications of their choices remains surface-level, preventing the narrative from achieving the thought-provoking complexity of the original novel.

Deviation from the Source Material:

One of the primary issues with “Brave New World” is its deviation from Aldous Huxley’s original novel. While adaptations often take liberties to suit the medium, the changes in the TV series result in a diluted narrative and a loss of the novel’s core messages. The series sometimes feels more like a glossy dystopian drama than a profound exploration of societal issues.

Pacing and Storytelling:

The pacing of “Brave New World” feels inconsistent at times, with some episodes struggling to maintain a coherent and engaging narrative. The storytelling occasionally meanders, leading to a lack of focus and impact. As a result, the series fails to maintain the same level of intrigue and emotional investment from start to finish.


“Brave New World” is a visually captivating adaptation with an engaging premise and a talented cast. While the series offers glimpses of its potential to explore profound themes and societal issues, it ultimately falls short in delivering a fully realized and thought-provoking narrative. Deviating from the source material and lacking in depth, “Brave New World” struggles to live up to the novel’s enduring impact. Nevertheless, it remains an interesting watch for fans of dystopian fiction and those intrigued by the exploration of societal complexities. For those seeking a deeper and more thought-provoking experience, however, the novel itself remains the ultimate and timeless recommendation.