‘An Elastic Affair,’ 1930

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The Enigma in Hitchcock’s Filmography


“An Elastic Affair,” a short film released in 1930, is an enigmatic entry in Alfred Hitchcock’s expansive body of work. In many respects, it’s considered a “lost film,” as no known copies exist today. Nevertheless, the film has garnered a degree of attention due to its curious position in Hitchcock’s oeuvre, its engagement with comedic elements, and the mere fact that it has vanished. Thus, our review is inevitably speculative, but still aims to assess the film’s potential influence and significance based on available accounts and its broader context.

Narrative Intricacies and Tone

Although details are scarce, “An Elastic Affair” is believed to center around two young men who attempt to attend a formal event by creating an ensemble from a single suit, evoking a sense of slapstick humor. The film, if accounts are to be believed, dabbles in a light, comedic tone, making it distinct from Hitchcock’s trademark thrillers and psychological dramas. This comedic aspect raises questions about the extent to which Hitchcock experimented with genre during his early career.

Historical and Cultural Context

As one of Hitchcock’s earliest works, “An Elastic Affair” was produced at a time when the director was still honing his craft and exploring different genres. Given its era of production, it can be inferred that the film was influenced by the zeitgeist of comedy during the early 20th century. Its historical context could serve as an interesting point of study, revealing how the master of suspense dabbled in lighter fare.

A Missing Puzzle Piece

The absence of any surviving copies of “An Elastic Affair” renders it a tantalizing missing piece in the Hitchcock puzzle. Given that it belongs to a period when Hitchcock was shifting from silent to sound films, its stylistic and thematic decisions could have offered valuable insights into his transition as a filmmaker and his willingness to explore genres beyond suspense and drama.

Potential Impact and Standing

If recovered, “An Elastic Affair” could potentially provide valuable insights into Hitchcock’s early cinematic style and his approach to comedy, a genre he seldom revisited in later years. While its significance might be largely contextual, owing to its lost status, it could have potentially served as a cornerstone in understanding Hitchcock’s versatility.


Though “An Elastic Affair” remains lost to history, its existence alone generates ample intrigue. As a seeming outlier in Hitchcock’s work, it represents a shadowy corner of a much-studied and celebrated filmography. While it may never rival the likes of “Psycho” or “Rear Window” in terms of cultural or historical impact, the enigma surrounding the film adds a layer of fascination to Hitchcock’s already complex cinematic legacy.