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Hi! If you’re new here you may well be confused. Homeless guy with a blog? And what does shopping for movies and things have to do with it? I’ll summarize a few points for context. Here goes.

My name is Chris and I’ve been homeless since 2007. This site began in February 2020 as a way to support my fundraising effort for a return to housing. I have a general strategy, and the framework of a plan for how I want to move forward once housed.

As part of my fundraising, I’ve added official Amazon affiliate links to film and TV related posts. What that means is you’ll be helping me by clicking on those links. You needn’t buy the specific Blu-ray or DVD to help. Just shop as you normally would – after clicking the link. I don’t see any personally identifiable information, only what items you purchased. It’s simple, when you buy something (within 24 hours of clicking one of those links) I get a small commission. For more information, read the FAQ.

Of course, I want you to donate to the GoFundme like the good person you are.

I suggest reading ‘University Letter,’ along with, ‘About Me,’ and the text of my GoFundMe to get a sense of my story.

‘University Letter,’ is a long-ish read, but worth the time. (In writing this I briefly reviewed ‘University Letter,’ and was reminded it was written in late 2021. Sad face crying emoji haha…)

Christopher Nolan

Special thanks to Samantha Allen